PhD in Literature

Matthew Stratton_Cropped.jpgStudents gain advanced knowledge of literature from the British Middle Ages and colonial America to global/postcolonial and U.S. contemporary, as well as knowledge of literary analysis; literature and science; literature and environment; literary theory; translation; and gender studies. Students graduate with the qualitative and quantitative skills necessary for professional research and teaching in English.

PhD Program Requirements

Degree requirements for the PhD program include 50 units of coursework, foreign language proficiency, preliminary and qualifying examinations, and a dissertation. In addition, there are also opportunities for students to pursue a Designated Emphasis and gain teaching experience.

PhD Program Requirements (old system) 

Students who entered the program prior to Fall of 2011 may choose to follow these or the revised requirements, both of which supplement those general requirements applicable to all disciplines set forth in the graduate application booklet. The latter should also be studied before initiating application procedures.

Designated Emphasis