Emily Masuda Awarded Lawrence J. Andrews Prize

The Lawrence J. Andrews Prize is awarded annually by the Davis campus to a regularly enrolled student in the College of Letters & Science, who entered the College and the Davis campus as a freshman. Selection is based primarily on academic performance, with preference given to an individual who also has interests outside of pure scholarship.

“Students are in my future, as well as a love of writing, reading, and as my experiences while in college have taught me, learning that takes place both in and outside of school and does not end after the four years I have at UC Davis.”  English major Emily Masuda came to UC Davis not knowing what she wanted to do after college.  While here at UC Davis she has sought out experiences that informed and inspired her.  From interning abroad as a discussion leader in Japanese high schools through an Empowerment Program to being a Student Housing Resident Hall Advisor and a Tutor for the Entry Level Writing Program, Emily has found her love and passion for teaching and, possibly more importantly, she has found that this passion for teaching has enabled her to empower her students to believe in themselves. Most recently Emily created and led a “student-led” course under the guidance of Professor Elizabeth Miller through the English Department.  This successful course titled “Children’s Literature Workshop: Reading, Writing, and Illustrating” combined two courses about children’s literature and creative writing.  To incorporate a sense of community, the students in the class collaborated with a fourth grade class and exchanged picture books that the elementary and college students wrote and illustrated.

Emily has benefitted by her experiences while a student here at UCD and, as a graduating Senior, Emily now knows that she wishes to enter a teaching credential program directly after graduation.

Emily is very deserving of this prestigious award.  Congratulations Emily!