Life After UC Davis English PhD - Molly Ball

Molly Ball
Job Title: Assistant Professor of English at Eureka College, Eureka Illinois. 
At Eureka College, Molly focuses on honing students' written and analytical skills as they engage a wide range of literature. Her course on the American Gothic, for instance, asked students to examine works by authors ranging from Edgar Allan Poe to Alison Bechdel. In the foreseeable future, she looks forward to designing courses on science fiction and citizenship, African American literature, and monsters in nineteenth-century fiction.
We caught up with Molly just after her gothic course was wrapping Nathaniel Hawthorne’s novel House of the Seven Gables and about to start Harriet Jacobs’s autobiography Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl. “The students seem pretty into it,” Molly reports. “They were excited about Hawthorne's prose and there is a small (but very vocal) contingent who read Incidents in a previous course and thinks it is brilliant.”