Welcome to UC Davis English 2017-18

Welcome to 2017-18 in the UC Davis English Department!

It’s going to be a busy year and we hope you’ll join us at some of our many events. 

Everything kicks off with Opening Night on the Wyatt Deck on October 4 at 7 p.m. Come hear our creative writing faculty read!

Our Fall Lecture Event on Race and the Politics of Form Now is October 13 at 4 p.m. in Voorhies 126. 

And look out for more news soon about the Creative Writing Reading Series and two more English department lectures in winter and spring (spoilers: Colleen Lye from Berkeley will be here and so will Jennifer Fleissner from Indiana University).  

For our undergraduate students, we have many exciting courses planned. 

You’re probably all registered for fall, but anyone still shopping might like to know that there are spaces in Young Adult Literature (ENL 189), and that The Hunger Games is on the syllabus. There’s also some room in a class focused on a certain writer we like to call Shakespeare (ENL117). 

In the winter quarter, our courses run from The Canterbury Tales (ENL113B) to video games (ENL172). You might consider our topics in literature courses (ENL149) on “Narrative in an Age of Terrorism” or “Life Writing.” Or maybe you haven’t read Moby Dick or Ulysses or HP Lovecraft or Paul Celan? We’ve got you covered with ENL189, ENL159, ENL177, and ENL165 respectively. And we haven’t even mentioned ENL180, Children’s Literature. Or ENL43 on comedy drama. Or our new course on “Career Decision-Making and English" (running as a special ENL149).  

In the spring, we’ve got everything from Weird Nature (ENL188A) to Leslie Marmon Silko (ENL177) to the movies (ENL161B). ENL44 is a helpful class on the use of setting in fiction. Or maybe you’d enjoy a little law and literature (ENL120)? Or serial literature (ENL149)? Or perhaps your taste runs to sexuality and literature (ENL120)? There’s something for everyone. You might also consider studying abroad in our London program (ENL149/163). Or, closer to home, we have courses on 20th Century African-American Literature (ENL181B) and Literature of California (ENL182). You can always remember your friends in the UK with some Chaucer (ENL113A), or Victorian literature (ENL133), or a spot of drama from Shakespeare’s contemporaries (ENL150A). 

There’s more of course. We can’t mention everything. 

Our graduate seminars are equally compelling and we encourage you to watch the web site for expanded course descriptions for the winter and spring quarters. 

For now, it might be worth reminding you about our proseminars, two-credit classes filled to bursting with career-enhancing goodness taught by Professors Ziser, Hsu, and Freeman.

We’ll have more news as it happens on our web site and Facebook (Like us!)