English 106 - Fall, 2014

English Grammar

Class Information

Instructor: Smith, Kendra
Time: MWF 12:10-1:00
Location: 217 Olson


    This course will focus on the major grammatical structures of the English language, using modern language analysis techniques. Students will: become familiar with sentence constituents; learn to analyze sentences and syntactical structures; and articulate what makes some structures grammatically incorrect. Through picking apart sentences (including diagramming) and familiarizing themselves with the range of acceptable structures, students will come to see how understanding grammar is crucial for writing and editing.

    Additionally, we will be looking at a number of literary topics, focusing on how understanding English grammar can also enhance understanding of and appreciation for literature. The course will look at topics such as how grammar relates to common literary tropes (e.g. anaphora, anastrophe, and zeugma), and will also ask students to consider the different ways that gender inflects the English language, from grammatical gender to feminist theoretical perspectives on gendered language.


    Homework assignments: 30%
    Midterm: 15%
    Final: 25%
    Project or short paper: 20%
    Participation: 10%


    Doing Grammar (5th ed), Max Morenberg
    Any Writers Handbook (e.g. Bedford Guide, St. Martin's Guide, etc.)