English 117 - Fall, 2014


Class Information

Instructor: Levin, Richard
Time: MWF 11:00-11:50
Location: 106 Olson


    English 117: Shakespeare
    Richard Levin – Fall 2014

    We will read the following plays: King Henry IV, Part 1, All’s Well That Ends Well, Hamlet, Othello, Measure for Measure.

    Our main concerns will be (1) to read the plays very closely, with attention to the meaning of the language and the significance of stylistic devices; (2) to write critical essays that examine aspects of the plays in depth; (3) to discuss our views and exchange ideas; (4) to develop an understanding of the relation of the plays to one another and to the culture of early modern England.

    Assignments: three critical essays, approximately 5 pages each; several shorter, less formal, writing assignments, including reading quizzes; a final examination, in essay form.

    The first (warm-up) paper, 15%; the 2nd and 3rd papers, 20% each; the shorter essays and class work (combining both lecture and the discussion section), 20%; exam, 25%. Regular attendance is required.

    Specific well-annotated editions of each play will be available in the bookstore.