English 200 - Fall, 2014

Introduction to Graduate Studies in English

Class Information

Instructor: Martín, Desirée
CRN: 42683
Time: T 3:10-6:00
Location: 120 Voorhies


    This seminar introduces Ph.D. students to graduate study in English A) by focusing on methods and methodological debates in literary study and B) by considering the state of “English” as an expert discipline. The aim of this course is to prepare new students for advanced work in the field and to orient them in the profession. We will consider the close analysis of literary texts, examine how literary critics make their arguments, and ask about the status of the “literary” in the English department and beyond. You can expect to read, discuss, and write about works that exemplify and/or question important research methods and debates in literary studies.


    TBA, but will likely consist of weekly assignments and a final annotated bibliography.