Undergraduate Courses for Summer Sessions II, 2014

Course No. Links to Expanded Course Description (if available)

Crs No.CRNInstructorClass HoursLocationEnr.
100FWenderoth, JoeTWR 4:10-5:50248 Voorhies17
 Creative Writing: Fiction
125-2173959Dobbins, GregoryTWR 4:10-5:501342 Storer39
 Topics in Irish Literature
158A-2173960Ziser, MichaelMTW 12:10-1:50125 Wellman49
 The American Novel to 1900
173-2171471Williams, NathanielMTW 2:10-3:501130 Hart49
 Science Fiction
177-2173961Dobbins, GregoryTWR 12:10-1:501342 Storer35
 Study of an Individual Author (Topic: Virginia Woolf)