English 10A-2 - Fall, 2015

Literatures in English I: to 1700

Class Information

Instructor: Smith, Kendra
CRN: 52279
Time: TR 3:10-4:30
Location: 1128 Hart


    This is a reading- and writing- intensive course designed to prepare the English major for succeeding in upper division English courses. Our focus will be literature written in English before 1700. We will look at a wide range of texts by various authors as we explore the constantly changing English language and the emergence of key literary genres. As we engage with the language and form of these texts, we will also explore the way the authors respond to changing circumstances and new ideas. We will consider, for example, the effects of technology such as the printing press, the impact of Bible translation and nationalism on the rising prestige of English, and expanding forms of self- expression. While rooted in Great Britain, this course will consider England's relationship to other traditions at home and abroad. We will pay particular attention to Colonial America as a new site of English literary production and consumption in the period. As you explore the multiple aspects of these texts, you will build your skills as readers of poetry, drama, and prose; as writers; and as researchers.


    Attendance and Quizzes: 10%
    Short Assignments: 15%
    Close Reading Paper: 20%
    Midterm Exam: 10%
    Research Paper: 30% (including annotated bibliography)
    Final Exam: 15%


    Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, ed. Winny
    The Account of Mary Rowlandson and Other Indian Captivity Narratives, ed. Kephart
    Oroonoko or The Royal Slave, Behn, ed. Gallagher
    Milton, Areopagitica (Arc Manor 2008)
    Chaucer, Canterbury Tales, (selections posted to SmartSite—see schedule)
    The Marriage of Sir Gawain, (online text—see schedule)
    Shakespeare, Henry V, (Folger Shakespeare Library Series) ed. Werstine and Mowat