English 44 - Fall, 2015

Introductory Topics in Fiction

    Topic: Jane Austen and Popular Culture

Class Information

Instructor: Johns, Alessa
CRN: 73647
Time: TR 3:10-4:30
Location: 26 Wellman


    This course will explore both the influence of popular culture on Jane Austen’s artistic creations and her own influence on popular culture since the nineteenth century. We will read Pride and Prejudice, Emma, and Persuasion; we will consider print sequels to the works, including Jo Baker’s recent novel Longbourn; we will view film adaptations; take stock of Austen’s considerable presence online; and we will analyze her place in consumer culture more generally. Probing the changes in Austen’s image and reputation since her death, we will also attend to her treatment from literary critics, the origin and development of the cult of the Janeites, and her notable status as, at once, canonical British author, literary celebrity, and international cultural icon.


    Papers 30%, Exams 30%, Assignments and Quizzes 25%, Attendance and Participation 15%.


    Persuasion, Jane Austen
    Emma, Jane Austen
    A course reader, mandatory film screenings, online texts
    Pride and Prejudice, Jane Austen
    Longbourn, Jo Baker