Undergraduate Courses for Fall, 2015

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Current Schedule for Fall, 2015, Undergraduate
Crs No.CRNInstructorClass HoursLocationEnr.
10A-152278Dolan, FrancesMWF 10:00-10:5055 Roessler77
 Literatures in English I: to 1700
10A-252279Smith, KendraTR 3:10-4:301128 Hart30
 Literatures in English I: to 1700
10A-352280Vernon, MatthewMWF 11:00-11:50105 Olson30
 Literatures in English I: to 1700
10B-152281Martel, MichaelMWF 3:10-4:0025 Wellman30
 Literatures in English II: 1700-1900
10B-252282Ball, MollyTR 9:00-10:20293 Kerr30
 Literatures in English II: 1700-1900
10C-152284Kitses, JasmineMWF 12:10-1:00261 Olson30
 Literatures in English II: 1900-present
10C-273282Martín, DesiréeTR 10:30-11:50146 Olson30
 Literatures in English III: 1900-present
4473647Johns, AlessaTR 3:10-4:3026 Wellman120
 Introductory Topics in Fiction (Topic: Jane Austen and Popular Culture)
100F-1Hicks, JackTR 12:10-1:30248 Voorhies17
 Creative Writing: Fiction
100F-2Glazner, GregTR 10:30-11:50248 Voorhies17
 Creative Writing: Fiction
100NFWenderoth, JoeMW 12:10-1:30248 Voorhies17
 Creative Writing: Nonfiction
100PWenderoth, JoeMW 3:10-4:30248 Voorhies17
 Creative Writing: Poetry
106Ferguson, MargaretTR 10:30-11:50158 Olson77
 English Grammar
   -A0152396     Bamert, SophiaR 6:10-7:00pm227 Olson
   -A0252397     Bamert, SophiaR 7:10-8:00pm159 Olson
   -A0373335     Dietering, AverylT 8:00-8:50am267 Olson
   -A0473337     Dietering, AverylT 9:00-9:50am308 Voorhies
110AShershow, ScottMWF 9:00-9:50106 Olson77
 Introduction to Literary Theory
   -A0173338     Dhaliwal, Ranjodh SinghF 10:00-10:50am205 Olson
   -A0273339     Dhaliwal, Ranjodh SinghF 11:00-11:50am223 Olson
   -A0373340     Benedetti, AaronF 12:10-1:00pm223 Olson
   -A0473342     Benedetti, AaronM 8:00-8:50am151 Olson
113AChaganti, SeetaMWF 12:10-1:00106 Olson77
 Chaucer: Troilus and "Minor" Poems
   -A0173344     Swift, LaurenM 6:10-7:00pm159 Olson
   -A0273345     Swift, LaurenM 7:10-8:00pm159 Olson
   -A0373347     Pifer-Foote, AnnaW 9:00-9:50am1128 Bainer
   -A0473349     Pifer-Foote, AnnaM 6:10-7:00pm117 Olson
122Connally, KennethMWF 11:00-11:50118 Olson77
   -A0173353     Hodge, JacksonW 6:10-7:00pm167 Olson
   -A0273355     Hodge, JacksonW 7:10-8:00pm167 Olson
   -A0373356     Bryan, ChelseaF 9:00-9:50am115 Hutch
   -A0473358     Bryan, ChelseaF 10:00-10:50am244 Olson
123Menely, TobiasTR 4:40-6:00226 Wellman77
 Topics in 18th Century British Literature
   -A0152413     Mlekoday, MichaelR 6:10-7:00pm141 Olson
   -A0252414     Mlekoday, MichaelR 7:10-8:00pm141 Olson
   -A0352415     Train, EmmaT 9:00-9:50am229 Wellman
   -A0452416     Train, EmmaT 10:00-10:50am116 VMeyer
13073360Simpson, DavidMWF 10:00-10:50106 Olson77
 British Romantic Literature
14473361Vernon, MatthewMWF 9:00-9:5027 Wellman28
 Post-Civil War American Literature
14773363Martín, DesiréeTR 1:40-3:00261 Olson49
 American Literature 1945 to the present
149-173365Nez, ThomasMWF 1:10-2:00101 Olson30
 Topics in Literature (Topic: Shakespeare's Sonnets)
149-273366Milburn, ColinMWF 12:10-1:001120 Hart30
 Topics in Literature (Topic: Horror Fiction: From Gothic to Splatter)
153Simmon, ScottTBA0
 Topics in Drama- Winter Break Abroad Program
15652423Li, YiyunMWF 1:10-2:00126 Wellman120
 The Short Story
158B73367Stratton, MatthewMWF 10:00-10:50118 Olson77
 The American Novel from 1900 to the present
15952424Wallis, BryanTR 3:10-4:301116 Hart30
 Topics in the Novel (Topic: utopian and dystopian novels)
161A73368Simmon, ScottTR 12:10-3118 Olson77
 Film History I: Origins to 1945
16573369Weise, PeterMWF 2:10-3:00107 Cruess30
 Topics in Poetry (Topic: Politics of British Poetry from 1660-1789)
171B73370Waters, ClaireTR 9:00-10:20207 Olson30
 The Bible as Literature: Prophets and New Testament
177-152427Roy, ParamaMWF 10:00-10:501 Wellman30
 Study of an Individual Author (Topic: Jane Austen: The Major Novels)
177-273371Shershow, ScottMWF 12:10-1:00101 Olson30
 Study of an Individual Author (Topic: H. P. Lovecraft)
18073707Miller, ElizabethTR 3:10-4:3055 Roessler77
 Children's Literature
181A73372Jordan, Jessica HopeMWF 9:00-9:50207 Olson49
 African American Literature to 1900
18273374Hicks, JackTR 3:10-4:30251 Olson49
 Literature of California
185BRoy, ParamaMWF 12:10-1:00207 Olson49
 Women's Writing II
   -A0173375     Stetzel, CodyF 9:00-9:50am1120 Hart
   -A0273376     Stetzel, CodyF 10:00-10:50am7 Wellman
188A52432Watkins, EvanTR 9:00-10:20248 Voorhies15
 Topics in Literary and Critical Theory (Topic: Aesthetics of Gender and Money)