English 100PA - Spring, 2015

Creative Writing Advanced Poetry

Class Information

Instructor: Peterson, Kathleen
Time: W 6:10-9:00
Location: 156 Voorhies


    This course is an advanced workshop in Creative Writing for writers who wish to concentrate in poetry. Our goal is to write memorable poems, and to develop a writing practice. The small size of the class will ensure that each student’s work will receive ample discussion, and this will be our focus. We’ll also read together a book of American poetry from the past year, and a book from the previous century, both of which explore issues useful for writers in all genres, including writing from life, telling a story, and talking about America.


    A final portfolio of original work will include poems, revisions, and a creative collaboration. Students will also be graded on workshop participation (discussion, written commentary), and short presentations of the reading.


    Robert Lowell, Life Studies & For the Union Dead
    Claudia Rankine, Citizen