English 236 - Spring, 2015


Class Information

Instructor: Ronda, Margaret
CRN: 52857
Time: W 3:10-6:00
Location: 120 Voorhies
Breadth: Later American
Focus: Genre, Theory


    In this course, we will read a series of influential manifestos and theories of poetry from the modern period to the present. We will explore some of the central concerns of poetics over the past century, from modernist questions of abstraction and impersonality to the linguistic turn. Special attention will be paid to issues of cultural representation in poetry, with readings in contemporary feminist, queer, and critical race traditions. Students will undertake their own creative and critical experiments in the field of poetics.


    Poetry in Theory: An Anthology 1900-2000, Jon Cook
    Heteronomy, Chris Nealon
    Nilling, Lisa Robertson
    Hughson's Tavern, Fred Moten