English 160 - Summer Sessions I, 2015

Film as Narrative

    Topic: Sex & the Cinema

Class Information

Instructor: Jordan, Jessica Hope
CRN: 51727
Time: MW 2:10-4:40, 5:10-7:40
Location: 115 Wellman


    Beginning with Edison's The Kiss (1896), sex has been a central concern in cinema since its inception, seducing its audiences with the vicarious wish fulfillment of often forbidden desires. This course will explore seduction and desire through films that deal with diverse ideas about sex, gender, and sexuality. In our analysis of these films, we will consider the roles of formal film aesthetics, narrative, censorship, historical and cultural influences, as well as economic practices surrounding mediated images of sex. The selected films represent diverse takes on sex and sexuality (including animals and aliens) while considering multiple viewing positions.

    The first half of the class, from 2:10-4:40 is lecture and discussion, followed by a thirty minute break from 4:40 to 5:00 PM, and the last part of the class from 5:10-7:40 is for full-length screenings.

    This course is designed for Film Studies and English majors as well as anyone interested in film. (GE Credit Art/Hum/Writ)

    Prerequisite: English 3 or UWP 1


    1)short review, 15% 2) response essay, 20% 3) midterm exam, 15% 4)final critical essay, 25% 5) final exam, 15% 6) Attendance at lectures and screenings and participation in discussions, 10%


    Smartsite Course Reader
    Writing About Film, Corrigan (recommended)
    Sex and the Cinema, Krzywinska (recommended)
    Film Art, Bordwell and Thompson (recommended)
    (Required) Sex and Film: The Erotic in British, American and World Cinema, Forshaw, Barry-ISBN#978-1137390059