English 110B - Winter, 2015

Introduction to Modern Literary and Critical Theory

Class Information

Instructor: Shershow, Scott
Time: TR 9:00-10:20
Location: 106 Olson


    This course will be an introduction to contemporary literary and critical theory, especially recommended for students considering graduate school in the humanities. We’ll consider texts that straddle the boundaries of traditional academic disciplines, drawing from philosophy, literary studies, history, linguistics, and political theory. We’ll also try to consider “theory” in general not as an esoteric exercise, but as a robust engagement with the world in all its conflict and complexity. Students should gain an introduction to a variety of contemporary theoretical debates, with a particular focus on Marxism, feminism, and deconstruction.


    Evaluation will be based on two formal papers, a midterm and final examination, and participation in discussion sections.


    The Noton Anthology and Theory and Criticism, 2nd edition, Leitch, VIncent, et. al.