English 122 - Winter, 2015


Class Information

Instructor: Levin, Richard
Time: TR 4:40-6:00
Location: 106 Olson


    The course, after offering an overview of Milton’s career, will spend most of the term on Paradise Lost, Milton’s masterpiece and the work of his that has had the greatest influence on subsequent literature.

    The class is designed to help you (1) read Milton’s poetry closely, with attention to the meaning of the language and the significance of stylistic devices; (2) write critical essays that examine aspects of the poetry in depth; (3) develop an understanding of Milton’s work in relation to his times.


    Assignments: three critical essays approximately 5 pages each; several shorter, less formal, writing assignments; a final examination (predominantly or entirely in essay form).

    Grading: the first major assignment, 15%; the 2nd and 3rd papers, 20% each; the shorter essays and class work, 15%; exam, 30%. Regular attendance is required.


    Paradise Lost: A Sourcebook, John Milton, ed. by Margaret Kean
    Paradise Lost, Norton Critical edition, 2d edition, John Milton, ed. by Scott Elledge (note: there is a later Norton Critical Edition of Paradise Lost that I am not using)