English 100P - Fall, 2016

Creative Writing: Poetry

Class Information

Instructor: Gouirand, Rae
Time: TR 4:40-6:00
Location: 248 Voorhies


    In this intensive poetry workshop, we will explore what sense and semblance mean to poetry and the poem, and to a range of contemporary poets, including the ones in our workshop. Together we will read a diverse body of works in verse, develop and revise original poetry of our own, and foster a conversation in workshop that keeps us all writing our ways forward, in new and inquiring directions. Course readings will be drawn from a required text, supplemental materials, and additional self-assignments.


    Grading will be based upon weekly work submitted to the instructor and the workshop, contributions to in-class discussions, and a final portfolio combining a selection of creative work and reading responses.


    The McSweeney’s Book of Poets Picking Poets, Dominic Luxford, Editor, ISBN 978-1-932416-81-7
    Please Excuse This Poem, Ed. Melnick/Lauer, 9780670014798