Graduate Courses for Spring, 2016

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Current Schedule for Spring, 2016, Graduate
Crs No.CRNInstructorClass HoursLocationEnr.
25263202Frederickson, KathleenR 3:10-6:00120 Voorhies15
 Victorian Literature
25463203Dobbins, GregoryT 3:10-6:00120 Voorhies15
 20th Century British Literature
25663204Freeman, ElizabethM 3:10-6:00120 Voorhies15
 Early American Literature
26063205Hsu, HsuanT 12:10-3:00120 Voorhies15
 American Literature: Civil War to 1914
28763206Boluk, StephanieW 12:10-3: 6:10-9120 Voorhies15
 Topics in Literature & Media
289Marx, JohnW 3:10-5:00120 Voorhies0
 Article Writing Workshop
290FCorin, LucyM 3:10-6:00248 Voorhies15
 Creative Writing: Fiction
290PClover, JoshuaT 12:10-3:00248 Voorhies15
 Creative Writing: Poetry
39142975Peterson, KathleenF 10:00-11:50248 Voorhies15
 Teaching Creative Writing
39342976Johns, AlessaF 12:10-2:00248 Voorhies15
 Teaching Literature & Composition
CRI 200BMarx, JohnR 12:10-3:00248 Voorhies 0