English 161B - Winter, 2016

Film History II: 1945 to the present

Class Information

Instructor: Simmon, Scott
CRN: 43597
Time: MW 12:10-3:00
Location: 118 Olson


    This course is the second half of a two-quarter overview of the cultural and aesthetic history of filmmaking. (The courses may be taken separately.) Our loosely chronological survey begins this quarter at the end of World War II with the development of film noir in the United States and the international spread of Italian neorealist styles. Of particular focus will be the flourishing of Japanese film in the postwar decade, of the French New Wave after the late 1950s, of European art cinema in the 1960s, and of "third world" and post-colonial cinemas. We will also look into the expanded options for independent American filmmaking that arose alongside the breakdown of the Hollywood studio system and its Production Code censorship. Especially through recent Asian, British, Latin American, and post-communist Eastern European cinemas, we will carry global film history into the 21st century.


    Two quizzes (15% each), out-of-class viewing notes (20%), paper (25%), final (25%).


    Film History (third edition, 2010), Kristin Thompson & David Bordwell
    And readings on SmartSite