English 100PA - Spring, 2017

Creative Writing: Advanced Poetry

Class Information

Instructor: Peterson, Kathleen
Time: M 6:10-9:00
Location: 156 Voorhies


    Admission is by application and acceptance of the instructor (application available online)

    This course is an honors workshop in Creative Writing for writers who wish to concentrate in poetry. We’ll read poems and learn what makes them work, write memorable poems, and imagine and develop writing practices strong enough to last past the end of the quarter and appropriate to a longer project. The small size of the class will ensure that each student’s work will receive ample discussion in student-led workshops, and this will be our weekly focus.


    A final portfolio of original work will include poems, revisions, and a brief essay. Students will be graded on the strength, bravery, and consistency of their workshop participation (discussion, written commentary), and on short presentations about the reading.


    The New Testament, Jericho Brown
    Circadian, Joanna Klink