English 275 - Spring, 2017

Proseminar in Research Practices

Class Information

Instructor: Freeman, Elizabeth
CRN: 91284
Time: W 3:10-5:00
Location: 120 Voorhies


    Demystifying the Peer Review Process

    This proseminar will show students the inner workings of a scholarly journal and prepare them for their future role as peer reviewers or journal editors. We will discuss the peer review process, and students will practice handling submissions and deciding whether and why to accept them, reject them, or return them for revision. Students will also write mock reader reports for scholarly journals, and learn how to respond to reader reports from peer reviewers. We will learn and practice the art of writing abstracts of their own work for submission to journals and conferences. And finally, we will discuss how special issues are conceptualized and how editors write calls for papers and respond to what they receive. The goal of the seminar is to make the peer review process more transparent, while preparing students to be effective reviewers of their colleagues’ work and to effectively respond to critiques of their own work.

    We will meet EVERY OTHER week.


    Pass/No Pass

    No textbook -- materials will be in the form of a course reader and/or handouts