English 10C-2 - Winter, 2017

Literatures in English III: 1900-Present

Class Information

Instructor: Wills, Melissa
CRN: 22761
Time: TR 1:40-3:00
Location: 116 VMeyer


    The final part in the three-course Literatures in English sequence, English 10C surveys literature from 1900 to the present from the American, British, and wider Anglophone traditions. It is a writing- and reading-intensive class designed to prepare you for upper-division courses in the English major. We will focus on a broad history of literary periods, styles, and genres and on connecting these concepts to their cultural contexts. Our class will develop these ideas through a specific concentration on themes of conspiracy theory, revisionist history, and contested discovery. We will explore how literature both develops and exposes alternate realities through the development of narratives, subjectivities, and political engagement.


    Grading for this course will be based on two papers, a final exam, quizzes, class participation, and small written assignments.


    Djerassi and Hoffmann, Oxygen
    Ziegler, Photograph 51
    Pynchon, The Crying of Lot 49
    Churchill, Vinegar Tom
    Woolf, A Room of One's Own
    Ghosh, The Calcutta Chromosome
    Cunningham, Science Tales: Lies, Hoaxes, and Scams