Undergraduate Courses for Winter, 2017

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Current Schedule for Winter, 2017, Undergraduate
Crs No.CRNInstructorClass HoursLocationEnr.
10A-122755Dolan, FrancesTR 1:40-3:00140 Physics30
 Literatures in English I: to 1700
10A-222756O'Neil, TimothyMWF 10:00-10:50141 Olson30
 Literatures in English I: to 1700
10A-344069White, VictoriaMWF 2:10-3:001128 Hart30
 Literatures in English I: to 1700
10B-122757Hughes, WilliamTR 9:00-10:20125 Olson30
 Literatures in English II: 1700-1900
10B-222758Hulbert, AnnetteMWF 1:10-2:00107 Wellman30
 Literatures in English II: 1700-1900
10B-322759Kling, RebeccaTR 4:40-6:001342 Storer30
 Literatures in English II: 1700-1900
10C-122760Wander, RyanMWF 12:10-1:00167 Olson30
 Literatures in English III: 1900-Present
10C-222761Wills, MelissaTR 1:40-3:00116 VMeyer30
 Literatures in English III: 1900-Present
4022762Simpson, DavidMWF 10:00-10:501227 Haring120
 Introductory Topics in Literature (Topic: Detective Fiction)
100F-1Pollard, EliseTR 1:40-3:00248 Voorhies17
 Creative Writing: Fiction
100F-2Li, YiyunTR 10:30-11:50248 Voorhies17
 Creative Writing: Fiction
100NFGlazner, GregMW 11:00-12:20308 Voorhies17
 Creative Writing: Nonfiction
106Smith, KendraMWF 2:10-3:00106 Olson77
 English Grammar (Cross-listed w/ LIN/UWP)
   -A0122875     Walker, TimothyF 9:00-9:50am27 Olson
   -A0222876     Walker, TimothyF 10:00-10:50am27 Olson
   -A0322877     Higginbottom, BrendanF 12:10-1:00pm27 Olson
   -A0422878     Higginbottom, BrendanF 1:10-2:00pm27 Olson
110BFrederickson, KathleenMWF 11:00-11:501150 Hart77
 Introduction to Modern Literary & Critical Theory
   -A0122879     Kong, AmandaW 6:10-7:00pm244 Olson
   -A0222880     Kong, AmandaW 7:10-8:00pm244 Olson
   -A0322881     Giardina, ElizabethF 9:00-9:50am1116 Hart
   -A0422882     Giardina, ElizabethF 10:00-10:50am1116 Hart
111Vernon, MatthewMWF 1:10-2:00158 Olson77
 Medieval Literature
   -A0144078     Panfely, JeanneM 6:10-7:00pm244 Olson
   -A0244079     Panfely, JeanneM 7:10-8:00pm244 Olson
   -A0344080     Eddings, SarahW 8:00-8:50am125 Olson
   -A0444081     Eddings, SarahW 9:00-9:50am105 Olson
117Bloom, GinaMWF 11:00-11:50158 Olson77
   -A0122887     O'Brien, LeannaW 6:10-7:00pm117 Olson
   -A0222888     O'Brien, LeannaW 7:10-8:00pm117 Olson
   -A0322889     Gonzalez, MargaretF 8:00-8:50am244 Olson
   -A0422890     Gonzalez, MargaretF 9:00-9:50am244 Olson
123Menely, TobiasTR 9:00-10:20158 Olson77
 Topics in 18th Century British Literature
   -A0144082     Hanley Cardozo, KristenT 6:10-7:00pm244 Olson
   -A0244083     T 6:10-7:00pm125 Wellman
   -A0344084     Hanley Cardozo, KristenT 7:10-8:00pm244 Olson
   -A0444085     R 8:00-8:50am1116 Hart
13744086Dobbins, GregoryMWF 1:10-2:00204 Art71
 British Literature 1900-1945
14922896Menely, TobiasTR 12:10-1:301128 Hart30
 Topics in Literature (Topic: Anthropocene Fiction)
158A44087Ziser, MichaelTR 10:30-11:50146 Olson77
 The American Novel to 1900
15922897Ziser, MichaelTR 1:40-3:00167 Olson30
 Topics in the Novel (Topic: Portraits of the Artist: Writers on their Aesthetic Development)
171A44088Waters, ClaireTR 3:10-4:30106 Olson77
 The Bible as Literature: The Old Testament
172Boluk, Stephanie/LeMieux, Patrick, TR 3:10-4:302 Wellman200
 Video Games & Culture (Cross-listed w/ CTS/STS)
   -A0122900     Peterson, LaurenM 3:10-4:0090 SS/Hum.
   -A0222901     Bird, AshleeM 3:10-4:00140 Physics
   -A0322902     Peterson, LaurenM 4:10-5:0090 SS/Hum.
   -A0422903     Bird, AshleeM 4:10-5:00140 Physics
   -A0522904     Buse, KatherineF 10:00-10:50290 Gym
   -A0622905     Johnson, ColinF 10:00-10:50108 Hoagland
   -A0722906     Buse, KatherineF 11:00-11:50290 Gym
   -A0822907     Johnson, ColinF 11:00-11:50108 Hoagland
177-122909Yazell, BryanTR 10:30-11:50105 Olson30
 Study of an Individual Author (Topic: Octavia E. Butler and Topics in Speculative Fiction)
177-222910Baaki, BrianMWF 12:10-1:00125 Olson30
 Study of an Individual Author (Topic: Nathaniel Hawthorne)
18022911Dolan, FrancesTR 9:00-10:206 Olson120
 Children's Literature
18244093Martín, DesiréeTR 12:10-1:30290 Gym49
 Literature of California
18644094Freeman, ElizabethTR 1:40-3:00126 Wellman120
 Literature, Sexuality, & Gender
18922914Dobbins, GregoryMW 10:00-11:20248 Voorhies15
 Seminar in Literary Studies (Topic: British Culture of the 1970's)
194HFerguson, MargaretTR 3:10-4:30248 Voorhies15
 Special Study for Honors Students