English 100P - Spring, 2018

Creative Writing: Poetry

Class Information

Instructor: Gouirand, Rae
Time: TR 1:40-3:00
Location: 308 Voorhies


    Extended Course Description for
    English 100P, Spring 2018 (T, Th 1:40—3:00 PM, 308 Voorhies)
    Rae Gouirand

    In this workshop, we will explore what sense and semblance mean to poetry and the poem, and to a range of living poets whose work directly engages the cultural and political conversations of our present moment. Students will read a diverse body of works in a variety of verse forms, develop and revise original poetry, and be challenged to investigate what the body of the poem offers right now.


    Grading will be based upon weekly work submitted to the instructor and the workshop, contributions to in-class discussions, and a final portfolio.


    Resistance, Rebellion, Life: 50 Poems Now , Majmudar
    Bettering American Poetry Volume 2 , Akbar/Clark/Dodd…