English 100F-1 - Winter, 2018

Creative Writing: Fiction

Class Information

Instructor: Brelinski, Valerie
Time: MW 10:00-11:20
Location: 308 Voorhies


This course will function as a workshop in which students will write and revise original pieces of short fiction; in addition, students will read, critique, and discuss the work of the other students in the class. While the primary focus will be on student writing and submission of original work to the group, additional time will also be spent in the close examination of shorter fictional works by major writers. The goals of the workshop involve the development and strengthening of original fiction as well as the refining of the student’s overall capacities as a writer, critic, and reader.


Grading will be based on fiction submitted to the workshop, contributions to class discussions, written comments on student manuscripts, the completion of technique assignments, and a final portfolio that includes three short pieces and a revised, full-length story.


Writing Fiction: A Guide to Narrative Craft (9th Edition), Burroway