English 100F-2 - Winter, 2018

Creative Writing: Fiction

Class Information

Instructor: Pollard, Elise
Time: TR 1:40-3:00
Location: 248 Voorhies


In his introduction to The Best American Short Stories 2016, Junot Díaz writes, “Give a short story a dozen pages and it can break hearts bones vanities and cages. And in the right hands there’s more oomph in a gram of short story than in almost any literary form.” In this class, we will examine a range of contemporary short story specimens that embody the flexibility of the form, and, through careful reading and class discussion, attempt to determine what gives each story its particular oomph, with an eye toward crafting our own powerful stories. Through writing exercises and workshop, students will deepen their understanding of the essential elements of fiction as well as their own art-making process. Over the quarter students will write, revise, and develop a portfolio of new work. Course readings will include assigned texts and supplemental materials.




Ron Carlson Writes a Story, Carlson
The Truth About Celia , Brockmeier