English 290 - Winter, 2018

Creative Writing: Special Topic

Topic: Hybrid Writing Practices

Class Information

Instructor: Corin, Lucy
Time: R 12:10-3:00
Location: 120 Voorhies


Hybrid Writing Practices

This will be a structured workshop course. We divide our time in class between discussing a range of model “hybrid” works, and workshopping pieces you write. “Hybrid” here will include work that upsets or blends characteristics of poetry/fiction/nonfiction; work that is based on the page but includes other media (sound, internet links, performance, image); work that is in sly or direct conversation with other works (such as collage or ekphrastic practices); and collaborative work. You will create writings within at least three of these four areas.

For models, we will read:

Renee Gladman: Calamities
Valeria Luiselli: The Story of My Teeth
Juliana Spahr: That Winter the Wolf Came

I will also distribute shorter exemplary works as we seem to need them in our conversations.


Grading (assuming attendance and on time completion of all assignments) is based on the quality of writing submitted; the quality of revision work; the quality, usefulness, and consistency of classroom participation; and the intensity of inquiry in both collective and individual aspects of the course.