English 166 - Spring, 2019

Love & Desire in Contemporary American Poetry

Class Information

Instructor: Kitses, Jasmine
CRN: 92110
Time: TR 4:40-6:00
Location: 6 Wellman


    Is poetry an act of desire? Poets often write about desire, love, and longing, but why is the poetic form particularly suited to this subject matter? In this course, we will trace the entanglement of poetry and desire through poetic works of the twentieth- and twenty-first- century, exploring love and desire in its many forms and configurations—from absence to longing, togetherness to repudiation. We’ll consider love between lovers, platonic love, queer love, and revolutionary love. We’ll also explore desire in the form of the poem itself—the shapes that occur in the attempt to put words to the unsayable.


    2 papers
    3 blog posts


    Norton Anthology of Modern and Contemporary Poetry V.2, Eds. Ramazani, Ellman, O'Clair
    Catalog of Unabashed Gratitude, Ross Gay
    Bluets, Maggie Nelson
    Don't Call Us Dead: Poems, Danez Smith