English 100NF - Winter, 2019

Creative Writing: Nonfiction

Class Information

Instructor: Gouirand, Rae
Time: TR 1:40-3:00
Location: 396 Voorhies


    New literature is increasingly populated by works of lyric prose, memoir, and creative nonfiction by writers working in (and across) all genre traditions. In this workshop, we will examine how writers of creative nonfiction blend fiction’s narrative and dramatic power, poetry’s rhythms and richness, and journalism’s ideal of truth in their attempts to transform information into powerful and artful literature. Students will be challenged to produce new pages weekly toward a variety of essay-length projects.

    Note: re-applications are welcome from students who have taken previous sections of 100NF with the instructor.


    Grading will be based upon weekly work submitted to the instructor and the workshop, contributions to in-class discussions, and a final portfolio of revised work.


    Lost Wax, Parms
    They Can’t Kill Us Until They Kill Us , Abdurraqib