English 45 - Spring, 2020

Introductory Topics in Poetry

    Topic: Intro to Poetry: Ways of Reading

Class Information

Instructor: Clover, Joshua
CRN: 84058
Time: TR 10:30-11:50
Location: 90 SS/Hum.


    Intro to Poetry: Ways of Reading
    In this course we will read a bunch of poetry from about the last four or seven centuries of English-language verse toward getting a sense of what poetry is (if it's possible to say at all), how poetry works, what poets have done with it, how it has changed and how it hasn't, why we might care, and why it is ??despite its changes in fortune and popularity ??the most persistent and enduring form of language use we know. We'll focus on one poem each session and discover different ways to approach the act of reading poetry. We'll talk a little and write a little.


    Participation: 10
    Reading Notes: 20
    Quizzes: 10
    Short Essay: 20
    Longer Essay: 30
    Final Exam: 10


    Norton Anthology of Poetry (6th Ed), Ferguson et al