English CRI 200B - Spring, 2020

Class Information

Instructor: Clover, Joshua
Time: T 3:10-6:00
Location: 396 Voorhies


    Marx and Fanon: The Two Problems
    Aim? Cesaire writes that western civilization has given birth to two major problems: "the problem of the proletariat and the colonial problem." A great deal of political theory has concerned itself with the matter of whether these problems are distinct or form a unity. We will take up that question provisionally and patiently by revisiting a core thinker identified with each problem and in particular considering some moments of intersection and tension in relation to this debate; we will end by following the question toward one present day instance in Indigenous studies. NB: while none of Marx's books are ordered for purchase, this course assumes familiarity with Capital Vol. 1 (or a willingness to acquire it swiftly) and we will review other Marx texts along the way.


    An even blend of seminar participation and one written assignment.


    Wretched of the Earth, Fanon (Farrington trans)
    Alienation and Freedom , Fanon (Corcoran)
    Black Skin, White Masks, Fanon (Philcox)
    Red Skin, White Masks, Coulthard
    Notebook of a Return..., Cesaire (Eshelman)