Undergraduate Courses for Spring, 2020

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Current Schedule for Spring, 2020, Undergraduate
Crs No.CRNInstructorClass HoursLocationEnr.
10BJohns, AlessaMWF 10:00-10:501227 Haring120
 Literatures in English II: 1700-1900
   -A0163977     Dávila Corujo, Abraham LuisW 6:10-7:00pm70 SS/Hum.
   -A0284049     Dávila Corujo, Abraham LuisW 6:10-7:00pm244 Olson
   -A0384050     Butt, SumariaF 8:00-8:50am151 Olson
   -A0584052     Butt, SumariaF 9:00-9:50am125 Wellman
10CRonda, MargaretMWF 9:00-9:5026 Wellman120
 Literatures in English III: 1900-Present
   -A0163981     Dahlen, JordanF 10:00-10:50am244 Olson
   -A0263982     Dahlen, JordanF 11:00-11:50am70 SS/Hum.
   -A0363983     McCandless, ToriF 12:10-1:00pm235 Wellman
   -A0463984     Coughlin, TpF 12:10-1:00pm127 Wellman
   -A0584054     McCandless, ToriF 1:10-2:00pm159 Olson
   -A0684055     Coughlin, TpF 1:10-2:00pm127 Wellman
40-163985Shershow, ScottTR 1:40-3:00229 Wellman30
 Introductory Topics in Literature (Topic: Comedy)
40-284056Connally, KennethTR 9:00-10:20113 Hoagland30
 Introductory Topics in Literature (Topic: Shakespeare and the Classics)
40-384057Wallis, WallyMWF 2:10-3:002016 Haring30
 Introductory Topics in Literature (Topic: Hauntings)
4584058Clover, JoshuaTR 10:30-11:5090 SS/Hum.30
 Introductory Topics in Poetry (Topic: Intro to Poetry: Ways of Reading)
100FBrelinski, ValerieMW 2:10-3:30248 Voorhies17
 Creative Writing: Fiction
100FACorin, LucyM 3:10-6:00308 Voorhies12
 Creative Writing: Advanced Fiction
100PTaylor, TessTR 12:10-1:3070 SS/Hum.17
 Creative Writing: Poetry
100PAGlazner, GregM 3;10-6:00156 Voorhies12
 Creative Writing: Advanced Poetry
106Ferris, DanaTR 1:40-3:00158 Olson75
 English Grammar - Cross-listed with LIN/UWP
   -A0184666     STAFFT 5:10-6:0073 Hutchison
   -A0284670     STAFFR 4:10-5:0073 Hutchison
   -A0384671     STAFFR 5:10-6:0073 Hutchison
110AShershow, ScottTR 10:30-11:50293 Kerr49
 Introduction to Literary Theory
   -A0184060     Tuchin, AnnaR 8:00-8:50am267 Olson
   -A0284062     Tuchin, AnnaR 9:00-9:50am235 Wellman
110BMenely, TobiasMWF 11:00-11:501130 Bainer49
 Introduction to Modern Literary and Critical Theory
   -A0164086     Robertson, NatalieW 8:00-8:50am1283 Grove
   -A0264087     Robertson, NatalieW 9:00-9:50am7 Wellman
111Vernon, MatthewTR 12:10-1:30230 Wellman77
 Medieval Literature
   -A0184065     Fulton, AllisonT 6:10-7:00pm151 Olson
   -A0284066     Bindas, AvaT 6:10-7:00pm117 Olson
   -A0384067     Fulton, AllisonR 8:00-8:50am117 Olson
   -A0484068     Bindas, AvaR 9:00-9:50am151 Olson
115Werth, Tiffany JoTR 4:40-6:00146 Olson77
 Topics in 16th & 17th Century Literature (Topic: Literature & Alchemy)
   -A0164094     Jackson, TylerR 6:10-7:00pm244 Olson
   -A0284069     Jackson, TylerR 7:10-8:00pm117 Olson
   -A0384070     Schuhmacher, KirstenT 8:00-8:50am117 Olson
   -A0484071     Schuhmacher, KirstenT 9:00-9:50am151 Olson
13384072Wander, RyanTR 1:40-3:00212 Veihmeyer49
 19th Century British Literature
13784073Dobbins, GregoryTR 3:10-4:30103 Wellman30
 British Literature 1900-1945
149-164101Menely, TobiasMWF 1:10-2:00125 Olson30
 Topics in Literature (Topic: Climate Change and Literature)
149-284074Werth, Tiffany JoTR 12:10-1:30105 Wellman30
 Topics in Literature (Topic: Romance to Fantasy: Transforming Motifs from Homer to NK Jemisin)
149-364102Frederickson, KathleenTR 1:40-3:0030
 Topics in Literature (Topic: Global London)
149-484075Johns, AlessaMW 12:10-1:30107 Wellman30
 Topics in Literature (Topic: Dark London)
15764103Roy, ParamaTR 4:40-6:00118 Olson77
 Detective Fiction
158A84076Ziser, MichaelTR 9:00-10:20118 Olson77
 The American Novel to 1900
16564106Kossak, BenjaminMWF 2:10-3:001116 Hart30
 Topics in Poetry (Topic: Innovative Poetry by Women)
16784077Gray, ErinTR 1:40-3:00118 Olson77
 20th Century African American Poetry
17364108Milburn, ColinTR 3:10-4:30118 Olson77
 Science Fiction (Cross-listed with STS)
18284078Martín, DesiréeMWF 10:00-10:50146 Olson77
 Literature of California
185BHughes, WilliamMWF 12:10-1:0077
 Women's Writing II
   -A0184079     Cockett-Mamiya, BriannaF 9:00-9:50am244 Olson
   -A0284080     Chodkowski, RowenaF 9:00-9:50am159 Olson
   -A0384081     Cockett-Mamiya, BriannaF 10:00-10:50am127 Wellman
   -A0484082     Chodkowski, RowenaF 11:00-11:50am159 Olson
187A84083Ziser, MichaelTR 12:10-3:00248 Voorhies15
 Topics in Literature & Media (Topic: Time Travel)
189-164116Dobbins, GregoryTR 12:10-1:30308 Voorhies15
 Seminar in Literary Studies (Topic: Mysticism/Magic/Modernism)
189-284084Ronda, MargaretMW 11:00-12:20248 Voorhies15
 Seminar in Literary Studies (Topic: What is the Contemporary?)