English 100P - Winter, 2020

Creative Writing: Poetry

Class Information

Instructor: Glazner, Greg
Time: TR 3:10-4:30
Location: 156 Voorhies/228 V.


    100P - Creative Writing: Poetry
    Greg Glazner

    *Admission is by application and acceptance of instructor (application is available online).

    In this course, a poetry workshop, students will write and revise original poetry; read, critique, and discuss the work of the other students in the seminar; and read and discuss poetry from the class texts and supplemental material.

    The goals of the workshop involve the development and strengthening of individual poems as well as the expansion of the student’s overall capacities as a writer, critic, and reader. Each student will have original work discussed three or more times during the quarter.


    Grading will be based on poems submitted to the workshop, completion of reading assighments, contributions to class discussions, written comments on student manuscripts, the completion of technique assignments, and a final portfolio of at least ten pages of original poetry to include three revised workshopped poems.


    Why Poetry, Matthew Zapruder
    Poetry sites on-line, TBA