Graduate Courses for Fall, 2021

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Current Schedule for Fall, 2021, Graduate
Crs No.CRNInstructorClass HoursLocationEnr.
20032498Hsu, HsuanM 3:10-6:00120 Voorhies15
 Introduction to Graduate Studies in English
233-153333Jerng, MarkR 3:10-6:00120 Voorhies15
 Problems in American Literature
233-253334Martín, DesiréeT 3:10-6:00120 Voorhies15
 Problems in American Literature
24053335Waters, ClaireM 12:10-3:00120 Voorhies15
 Medieval Literature
290FHouston, PamW 12:10-3:00120 Voorhies15
 Creative Writing: Fiction
290NFClemmons, ZinziR 12:10-3:00120 Voorhies15
 Creative Writing: Nonfiction
39153462Houston, PamR 3:10-5:00248 Voorhies15
 Teaching Creative Writing
39353337Stratton, MatthewF 12:10-2:00120 Voorhies15
 Teaching Literature & Composition
STS 200Milburn, Colin0