English 290P - Fall, 2022

Creative Writing: Poetry

Class Information

Instructor: Ronda, Margaret
Time: T 12:10-3:00
Location: 120 Voorhies
Breadth: Later American


The goal of this course is to foster adventurous writing and reading practices, as well as to develop a community of writers engaged in collaborations on and off the page. We will be exploring writing as ongoing process and method of inquiry. My hope is that you will expand and put productive pressure on your known strengths as a writer, and that you will be fearlessly willing to explore unfamiliar ideas, techniques, modes over the course of the quarter. To this end, we will engage as readers and writers some key approaches in contemporary poetry, working to expand our repertoire and vocabulary. In each class, we will read and engage writing by other workshop members. You will be responsible for commenting in an extended and thoughtful way on your classmates' work. We will also read several books to consider questions of technique, perspective, and cohesion.


How To Wash a Heart, Bhanu Kapil
alphabet, Inger Christensen
Heart First Into This Ruin, Wanda Coleman
Earth Room, Rachel Mannheimer