English 100PA - Spring, 2022

Creative Writing: Advanced Poetry

Class Information

Instructor: Gouirand, Rae
Time: M 9:00-11:50am
Location: 248 Voorhies


English 100PA is a small honors workshop for students fulfilling the Creative Writing concentration in poetry, designed to prepare its participants to generate and draft an independent project. In this course, we?ll read rigorously, produce and grapple with new work, and put pressure on the question of what the creative process looks like, and what an ongoing, long-term writing practice can look like. Poets applying to this workshop should be prepared to write, read, and engage with poetry on a daily basis for the duration of the quarter. Weekly work will include consistent new writing, ongoing participation in workshops of peer drafts, writings and presentations on the assigned reading, and a final portfolio and reflection. Admission is by application and acceptance of the instructor.


During the Pandemic, Rick Barot
Pilgrim Bell, Kaveh Akbar
The Renunciations, Donika Kelly
Twice Alive, Forrest Gander
The Curious Thing, Sandra Lim
Deaf Republic, Ilya Kaminsky
Writings, Agnes Martin