English 110A - Summer Sessions II, 2022

Introduction to Literary Theory

Class Information

Instructor: Dunkle, Iris Jamahl
CRN: 71429
Time: TWR 4:10-5:50
Location: 1130 Bainer
GE Areas: Writing Experience


This course is the first in a two-part sequence on literary theory and criticism offered by the English Department. In 110A, we will survey the development of theory and criticism from ancient times through the nineteenth century. As we explore changing views about the nature, purpose, and value of literature from Plato to Nietzsche, writing assignments will put these thinkers in dialogue with each other and with literary texts.


Fishbowl Discussions 30%
Term paper 35%
Mid-term 15%
Final 20%


The Norton Anthology of Theory and Criticism, 3rd edition