English 177 - Summer Sessions II, 2022

Study of an Individual Author


Class Information

Instructor: Tinonga-Valle, Jennifer
CRN: 73970
Time: TWR 10:00-11:40
Location: 1006 Giedt
GE Areas: Writing Experience


Virginia Woolf wrote that she "would rather not find [her]self in the room alone with [Jane Austen]," but, luckily, we will come together to study the writings of this celebrated and popular author in this class. In our course, we will read a representative selection of Austen's novels as well as some of her letters and juvenilia. Although Austen is often thought of as a conservative writer of romance, we will explore the complexities of her work and its radical possibilities. We will also think about her novels in their cultural context and how they engage with political, social, philosophical and aesthetic debates of her time. In addition to discussing Austen's writing, we'll conclude our study by considering Austen's place in 21st-century popular culture.


Reading Journal, Classwork, Homework, Short Paper, Research Paper


Love and Friendship
Pride and Prejudice
Mansfield Park