English 106 - Winter, 2022

English Grammar

Topic: UWP Offering

Class Information

Instructor: Ferris, Dana
Time: TR 1:40-3:00
Location: 106 Wellman


This course serves two types of students. One audience is the student who feels the need for a better grounding in grammar in order to improve their own writing and/or ability to analyze texts for scholarly study. The other audience is the student who knows that in the future, they may be called upon to teach or tutor grammar or to comment on student writing, either while teaching composition courses or courses in other disciplines. These two audiences may, of course, overlap.

This is an upper-division course. It will be challenging, it will move quickly, and, depending on your previous background in English grammar, it will take a lot of work. To be successful, you must be able to do more than memorize information; you must be able to apply what you learn, sometimes in unique situations, to solve problems, and to think both inside and outside the box.


Exams 50%
Short Papers 30%
Homework 10%
Participation 10%


English Grammar: Language as Human Behavior (3rd Ed., 2nd Ed. OK) , Anita K. Barry
Language Power: Tutorials for Writers, Dana R. Ferris