English 237-1 - Winter, 2022

Seminar for Writers

Class Information

Instructor: Wenderoth, Joe
CRN: 23672
Time: W 12:10-3:00
Location: 248 Voorhies
Breadth: Later American
Focus: Genre


Spring And All: WC Williams

course will use two books: Allen Grossman's book Summa Lyrica will be used to guide a general discussion of WC Williams' book Spring And All. Said Grossman text is found in a book called The Sighted Singer (Johns Hopkins). I can share the pdf for those of you who can't find it for sale. You should find Spring And All easy enough--in fact, I rec purchasing the facsimile of the original pamphlet-sized lil book, which you can see pictured in the link below. nicely done book. Our journey thru Spring And All will examine many of the issues it raises, such as: can lyric poems be sequential in nature? how is it possible for prose and poetry to exist in the same space? oh, a million things to think about when one wrestles with this strange american BOOK. some of my thoughts on it in link below. pardon the foto.



A specific workload will be developed/articulated by each student, based on a specific line of interest or a parallel of some kind. Workload is student-generated.


Spring and All, William Carlos Williams
The Sighted Singer, Allen Grossman and Mark Halliday