English 200 - Fall, 2023

Introduction to Graduate Studies in English

Class Information

Instructor: Hsu, Hsuan L.
CRN: 32232
Time: M 12:10-3:00
Location: 120 Voorhies


This course is an introduction to the profession of literary studies, and to components of literary and cultural research that have been prominent in the field of literary criticism. On the research side, we will discuss shared readings that showcase approaches to literary research including histories of circulation and reception, formal analysis, archival research, and interpretive methods. You will also work through these approaches to research by completing a series of short research papers oriented by a literary or cultural text of your choice, as well as a conference-length presentation due at the end of the quarter. On the odd weeks, we?ll cover a wide array of topics related to the profession, including scholarly organizations and journals; conference presentations; short-form academic (and para-academic) genres; navigating UC Davis as a graduate student; and career planning. The goals of the course are: 1. to explore and practice some common approaches to literary research; 2. to practice providing supportive and generative feedback (including asking well considered questions) on your colleagues? work; and 3. to begin learning about (or deepen your pre-existing knowledge of) how to navigate important aspects of the PhD program, UC Davis, and professional development.


English 200 is graded Pass/Fail
participation and informal assignments: 25%
short essays totaling : 50%; final presentation: 25%