Greetings English Majors!

Please review the videos below to get explanations and guides on frequently asked questions! 

Breakdown of the Major requirements

Please Click on this link to view the breakdown of the major requirements guide. A video is included on that page.

Creative Writing Classes

Please Click on this link to view the 3-video series that explains how to take Creative Writing classes (aka workshops).



TRANSFER STUDENTS: Transfer Requirements Guide



What is the ELWR (Entry Level Writing Requirement)?






NEW STUDENTS: What are my graduation requirements?



What if I miss my pass appointment?

Did you miss your pass appointment? Here's how you can still register for classes:



What is P/NP grading?

Confused about P/NP (AKA pass/no pass)? This might help:



What is the Upper Division Composition Requirement (UDCR)?



What are GEs and how do I complete them?


How to make advising appointments



How to connect with Community Resource Centers



Honors Program



Study Abroad



Writing Resources & Opportunities