Resources for Graduate Students with Families

UC Davis offers a number of childcare options and resources, including child care grants. For information about community and campus child care, early education programs, services for school-age children, financial assistance, health insurance, breast-feeding support, and other family services, please see the “Child Care and Family Services” section of the General Catalog, or go to





Please Note: leave is administered through the English Department. Please make sure to speak with the Graduate Adviser as early as you are able to start the process of securing paid leave as per UC policy:

All the UCs have recently renewed a three-year contract (2010-2013) with the UAW for ASEs (Academic Student Employees, i.e., graduate students with teaching titles). Thus all TAs (and related titles) are eligible for up to four weeks of paid leave for childbirth. This perforce applies only to female graduate students; however, new birth fathers may take up to two weeks of paid leave; and ASEs of either sex may take up to two weeks of paid leave for a newly adopted child.


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