Alumni Stories: Corrie Jacobs '13

Alumni Stories: Corrie Jacobs '13

Majoring in English at UC Davis was the best decision I made during my undergraduate career. Yes, yes, I see your eyes rolling. I know I should avoid using superlatives in my writing, but I’m breaking the rule just this once, because it’s actually true.

The amazing faculty, staff, and students of the English Department helped me discover and develop my academic passions, passions I am further exploring as I start the Ph.D program in the English Department at University of Texas Austin. (I only attend universities that are obsessively fond of cattle.) The writing, research, and other critical skills I acquired from my time at Davis have been immensely useful during my preparation for graduate school and my stint as a copy writer/editor/social media manager for a moving company.

I am forever grateful to the great minds of Voorhies who taught me everything from how to provide constructive criticism to other writers to navigating library systems. I’m excited to keep the proverbial seeds planted at Davis growing as I continue my education.

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