Student Profile Series: Alida Araica

We Are English Majors: Alida Araica
Alida is a fourth year English major pursuing a communication and technology management double minor. 
We asked her four questions about English and the UC Davis interdisciplinary ModLab, where she’s been very active in 2016-17. 
First off, we have to ask: What is the ModLab? 
The ModLab is located in Cruess Hall and is an experimental lab for media research and digital humanities. Some of the current projects are video games being developed in the lab, like “Play the Knave,” a Shakespearean motion-capture game that allows you to take the stage as your favorite Shakespeare character.
How did you get interested in digital humanities and media studies?
I became interested in digital humanities and media studies for a number of reasons, but mainly because of my interest in Harry Potter video games as a kid. I always thought it was interesting when books came to life through things like video games, and that seemed to carry over into my college career when I decided to be an English major and take computer programming classes. As soon as I found out that a Shakespeare video game was being developed at the ModLab, I just had to get involved. 
Do you think the work you do at ModLab could eventually become a regular part of English classes?
“Play the Knave,” the video game I'm working on, is actually already being used in Professor Gina Bloom's Shakespeare classes. So I definitely believe that the work the ModLab interns and myself do will be a regular part of some English classes on campus. 
What’s in store for you after graduation?
I'm not exactly sure what I'll be doing after graduation, but I hope to apply my interest in English, communication and technology to whatever I'm doing! 
Photo credit: Mariana Huben