Student Profile Series: Aurora (Rory) Miner

The English Department presents Rory Miner (she/her/hers). Rory is an English (critical emphasis) and Linguistics major with a Professional Writing minor.

What is your favorite memory at UC Davis?

Any time spent at the Farmers' Market! Since wandering there from my freshman year dorm to living two blocks away at my senior year house, it's been a constant home base for meet-ups with friends and family. I love spreading out a blanket to read a good book, while munching on fresh fruit and running into classmates on Saturday mornings.

What is a must-read for an English major? 

Lewis Carroll's "Through the Looking Glass," specifically for "The Jabberwocky." This poem has popped up in multiple classes over the years, for its linguistic creativity and influence (there's a whole science fiction short story inspired by it!)– not to mention, it's such a fun read!

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

I like to think that I have a solid job working in the editing field, maybe book publishing or copy editing, settled in a California city I love (maybe even Davis!) where I can walk downtown with my dog. I hope to visit my older siblings and their children often, and have good friends to go out to trivia nights with. Beyond that, I just hope I have time to read most days, continue with photography as a hobby, and maybe even have learned to keep a plant alive by then, if I'm really lucky.

What are you passionate about?

Outside of academics, I'm really into photography; it's the greatest feeling to successfully capture someone who says they never like photos of themselves. I love thrifting and secondhand finds, from clothing to furniture to everything in between, and firmly believe one woman's junk is another's treasure.

What do you like to do in your free time to unwind?

If I have a free day to myself, I'll read a book cover to cover, maybe somewhere outside. Or, try somewhere new with a friend, catching up over a craft beer and salty appetizers. Going on walks while calling my mom is definitely another one.

If you could write a book about your life, what would the title be?

"Do No Harm and Take No Slack": This has been my mantra in a way, of balancing radiating kindness without allowing yourself to get walked all over.

What makes you proud do be an English major?

For me, it's the fact that I finally decided to pursue my passion. I always discredited English as an academic/career choice for me, and instead chose to study something more "practical"; math. But I've never been more proud of myself than when I decided to choose happiness, and pursue what I have always loved most and been most passionate about.

If you had one wish for the English Department/Community here on campus...what would it be?

A place to meet other English majors! I have made a few great connections through classes, but otherwise, joining the English major late meant I didn't make a ton of friends. I am not close to any fellow English majors, and I would've loved to be! As a senior, that's definitely a regret I have.

List 3 of your favorite English Professors.

Prof. Ziser, Prof. Chaganti, and Prof. Milburn.

List 3 of your favorite classes.

ENL 44- Victorian Monsters in Pop Culture, ENL 173- Science Fiction, ENL 183- Young Adult Literature

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