Student Profile Series: Caitlyn Liu

Caitlyn Liu

The UC Davis English Department presents Caitlyn Liu (she/her/hers) for the Student Profile Series! Caitlyn is a fourth year English (Literature, Criticism and Theory emphasis) and Communication (Information and Communication Technology emphasis) double major with a Computer Science minor.

Student Profile Series: Caitlyn LiuWhat is your favorite memory at UC Davis?

I have a lot of favorite memories at UC Davis but the one that stands out in my mind is actually freshman orientation. I was put into an orientation group with two other English majors who actually became my best friends over the four years of college and it was my first time staying in a dorm!

What are you passionate about?

Over the course of college, I realized that I have a passion for advocating for interdisciplinary studies. I am particularly passionate about the intersection between internet technology and the law since it's a fairly newer field and is always changing.



If you could write a book about your life, what would the title be?

Take a Bao

What makes you proud to be an English major?

English majors are so so smart. When I'm in a classroom, I feel challenged, motivated, and supported by my peers. We have some of the best professors and TAs who really care about what they are teaching and your ideas about it.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

I will (hopefully) by employed in an occupation where I can make an impact on people's lives, no matter how big or small. I also hope to be a homeowner and have some backyard chickens.

List 3 of your favorite English Professors.

They are all so good but if I had to pick three it would be Professor Frances Dolan, Professor Mark Jerng, and Professor Matthew Stratton.

What do you like to do in your free time to unwind?Student Profile Series: Caitlyn Liu

I play piano, pet my dogs, get CoHo snacks with my pals, hang out in the Picnic Day office, go on walks or runs, go bouldering at Rocknasium (pre-pandemic I was climbing V3 and some V4!), and watch DIY and Tiny Home Youtube videos.

What is a must-read for an English major?

China Men by Maxine Hong Kingston. This book has so many layers, it almost becomes sort of a rabbit hole for symbolism and other literary strategies.

List your 3 favorite English classes.

ENL 141, ENL 189 (Take a seminar!), and ENL 180.

If you had one wish for the English Department/Community here on campus...what would it be?

I challenge each English major to take an introductory programming class, whether it be at UC Davis or somewhere else. I found that learning how to program helped my logic skills and actually helped me write better papers.

Student Profile Series: Caitlyn LiuSpeed round!

Cats or dogs?


Coffee or tea?


Early bird or night owl?

Night owl

Best major in the whole world?