Student Profile Series: Kirsten Burrell and colleagues from Her Campus at UC Davis

We Are English Majors: Kirsten Burrell and colleagues from Her Campus at UC Davis

Kirsten Burrell is double major in English and Communication as well as the Editor for Her Campus at UC Davis. We asked Kirsten 3 questions in our series dedicated to profiling UC Davis English majors. We’re grateful to several of her English Major colleagues at Her Campus for weighing in as well!

1) First of all, what's Her Campus, and why should UCD students and English majors read it?

Her Campus at UC Davis is the local chapter of a national online magazine for college women. Our staff publish original articles every week about experiences and topics important to UC Davis students. We try to publish a wide variety of content so that there is something of interest for everyone to read.

2) Did you always know you wanted to be an English major? Or did your parents force you to choose by far the most employable major?

I think I have always known deep down that I wanted to study English at university. I have always enjoyed the subject and feel so lucky to be able to study it at UC Davis. My parents have always encouraged me to do what makes me happy and they have been very supportive in my decision to study English Literature.

3) What’s in the cards for you after college? Are you interested in journalism, or something totally different?

I wish that I could predict the future in order to definitively answer this question. I am interested in writing about issues that are important and furthering a good cause or motive. Though I have been thinking more about graduate school recently. To provide a stereotypical answer "it's very up in the air at the moment".

Kirsten’s English Major colleagues from Her Campus at UC Davis weigh in!

Olivia Wardlaw (Staff Writer, Social Media Team Member): Being an English Major and writing for Her Campus go hand-in-hand. I don’t have to stress about getting my thoughts down on the page because I have to write so many English essays anyways! I also feel like I’m trained to be more attuned to what’s going on in popular culture, and can analyze it easily and effectively and share my thoughts with other people. 

Melissa Hosking (Staff Writer, Editor): Being an English major in Her Campus allows me to show others how incredibly exciting writing can be. Often times, people see writing as a boring task, because all they know is writing essay after essay. In Her Campus, though, I can show my friends and peers that writing doesn't always involve analyzing books; writing can involve exploring women's issues, issues in Davis, and politics. It's truly a blessing, as an English major, to be able to dive into these areas and show everyone else how fun writing can be.

Sonya Vyas (Staff Writer, Publicity Team Member): I consider myself exceptionally passionate about the English major. I feel changed after reading a new story or a new poem. I am learning about new ways of thinking every single day in a challenging yet effective way. Her Campus is an extremely fitting outlet to write about my favorite part of my life as an undergraduate student. I’m able to both write to connect with a larger audience as well as assert  the importance of my personal experience/narrative. 

Nikki Babri (Staff Writer, Editor): My English major originally gave me the confidence to apply for Her Campus, but my subsequent time working with Her Campus has gifted me with the courage necessary to pursue and explore topics that interest me, and the self-assurance that my thoughts are valid and worthy of being read.

Jazmin García (Staff Writer, Editor): With the heaps of essays I’ve had to write over the years, I’ve learned that one of the things that most informs my voice is recognizing my audience. Her Campus’s format has been described as “Cosmopolitan meets The New York Times," which is a testament to the diversity we have at Her Campus in terms of content, writers, and readers. Her Campus gives me the freedom to write about non-academic things in an academic way for a relatively academic audience."