Student Profile Series: Miles Davis Hall

We Are English Majors: Miles Davis Hall


Miles is an English and Political Science double major and an African Diaspora Community Coordinator through the UC Davis Cross Cultural Center. We asked him about his time at UC Davis and about Nu Review, the online publishing company he started to amplify the voices of artists of color. (Submissions for Nu Review can be sent to

What was one of your favorite classes in the English department?

One of my favorite classes in our department would have to be the Black Literature in the 21st century taught by Professor Danielle Heard Mollel. Engaging with material that resonated with my spirit and with my interest and allowed responses with my own voice is an experience that I don't always get in the classroom. In this class however, I could be in genuine dialogue with every piece I read.

You're a double major in English and Political Science. How do you think these majors intersect? How similar or different are they?

Both of my majors, Political Science and English, are molded by the myths of the Western World. They are similar in the way they demand my vigilance to decipher what is myth and what bits will lead to truth discovery. Academically, they demand a lot of intellectual production, as I'm sure all majors on this campus do, and really require quiet reflection, serious thought, and nuanced synthesis.

Tell us about Nu Review. What inspired it?

Nu Review came out of my post-graduate planning. I found myself applying to programs that required that I submit a number of published works, of which I didn't have the full amount. I decided that this year I would publish myself and open to opportunity to other poets of color (POCs) so that if they were required to submit five published pieces, they could point to Nu Review as one and only have to worry about four others.