English Graduate Student Association (EGSA)

2022-23 Board
EGSA Co-Chairs:  Briel Brown & Bowen Du 
Vice Chair:  Himali Thakur 
Secretary/Treasurer:  Andrea Yang 
Scholars' Symposium Co-Chair:  George Hegarty & Grace Hayes 
MLA Representative:  Ali Maas 
Events Coordinator:  Rosette Simityan & Evan Manzanetti 

*GSA Representative:  Augusta Funk & Delanie Harrington-Dummit (looking for 2 more)
Women's Caucus Co-Chair:  Mikhaila Redovian & Melina Rodriguez 
Diversity and Inclusion Advocate:  Colin Wingate & Kaceylee Klein 
Mentorship Coordinator:  Stacey Baran & Alison Hsiao 
*Creative Writing Representative:  Nyeree Boyadjian (looking for 1 more)
UAW2685 Department Steward:  Jeremy Freeman 


EGSA Canvas site - contact Briel or Bowen to be added
EGSA (Private) Facebook page - contact Briel or Bowen to be added


2021-22 Board
Co-Chairs: Courtney Pollard and Hillary Cheramie
Vice Chair: Bowen Du
Secretary/Treasurer: Alison Hsiao
MLA Rep: George Hegarty
Events Coordinators: Ava Bindas and Grace Hayes
Scholars’ Symposium Co-Chairs: Kirsten Schuhmacher and Tom Lin
Diversity and Inclusion Advocates: Delanie Harrington and Tori McCandless
Women and Marginalized Genders' Caucus Co-Chairs: Tp Coughlin and Claire Genesy
GSA Reps: Abraham Luis Dávila Corujo, Himali Thakur, Briel Brown, and Mikhaila Redovian
Mentorship Coordinators: Ali Maas and Augusta Funk